Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to Google Analytics!


Congratulations on your new Google Analytics account! Take a moment now to configure your account so that you get the most out of Google Analytics.

First, get Google Analytics fully operational on your site:
- Install Tracking Code: You will begin to see data in your reports within 24 hours after installing your tracking code.
- Set up goals: See conversion rates for ads, marketing initiatives, and visitor segments.
- Link to AdWords: Monitor your AdWords revenue, conversions, and ROI. Don't have an AdWords account? Sign up here.

Next, consider these advanced features:
- Track Ecommerce: Link ecommerce performance to keywords and marketing campaigns.
- Set up custom filters: Exclude your company's internal traffic from your report data and more.
- Tag your other campaigns: Track conversions on banner ads, email marketing, and other marketing initiatives.

Finally, take action on the data:
- Watch these instructional YouTube videos:
       *Learn which reports to look at first and what they mean (9 minute video).
       *Get the most out of the Google Analytics interface (8 minute video).
- Create customized email reports: Send regularly scheduled reports to stakeholders within your company.
- Contact a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant: Get fee-based help with installation, analysis and professional services from a partner near you.
- Learn even more from the Google Analytics blog, Help Center, user forums, and Conversion University Videos.


The Google Analytics Team

Monday, January 1, 2007

I have a crush on Emily Ostrander

Wow she's great. Do you too? Why or why not?
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